Testimonials about our Golden Moments Staff and Program

“Thank you for all your great care.  Having my mom in a supportive, safe, comfortable & caring environment has helped my mom over the past 2 years, giving her a sense of community and belonging.  The staff was so nice, kind and responsive to her needs.  She always looked forward to going.  And it has given our family peace of mind knowing she was under such good care.  Your program is amazing and has helped us greatly” Kristen R, daughter

” Golden Moments is a place where your elder is truly appreciated and cared about.  A lot of programs say they are “person centered”, but GM shows it to be true.  Their program actively seeks to stimulate and engage their clients, learning new things, creating artistic opportunities and sharing fun activities that are appropriate for their consumers.  The smile on my mother’s face when I tell her it’s a “Golden Moments Day” is priceless!  And her recommendation…:they are the nicest people there.  Everyone is so kind”  Thank you Golden Moments Staff!” ~ Lorena Z, daughter

“I have performed for virtually every senior facility in the pioneer valley. It is easy to say that Golden Moments Adult Day Health Spa is the best. They have a very professional staff that gets involved with the clients. Many other facilities where I performed, the staff would use this time to catch-up on paperwork. The staff at golden moments gets the clients involved and excited about the music. They get everyone up and moving. They are always aware of keeping everyone safe. They are a joy to perform for!” ~ Louis M. Spiro, Director of Timeless Tunes / Northampton Senior Center

“My wife has been attending Golden Moments for approximately six months and now attends on a five days per week basis.  She and I are both extremely happy with the program.  Sheryl Fappiano provides expert and caring leadership.  All of the Golden Moments caregivers are outstanding.  They are mature, highly capable and very resourceful and they offer many forms of stimulating and therapeutic activity.  Golden Moments wants that all of its attendees thrive.  I am very comforted by the knowledge that my wife benefits greatly by virtue of her participation with Golden Moments.” ~ Shelly Krems, husband

“My mom is in her eighties; she struggles with her memory and has difficulty with some physical tasks. Socializing within the senior community in which she lived slowed, it became apparent she was increasingly unhappy; she was losing the sparkle in her eye. Not long after she began going to Golden Moments I asked her how it was going, she replied with a big smile “they treat me like I’m royalty” she truly loves the experience.  Golden Moments revitalized my mom’s sparkle, the caring staff as well as other participants made her feel like a valued part of the GM community. At a time when my mom seems to be losing so much, Golden Moments actually gives her something she truly needs; quality time in a caring environment.” ~ Mike Henderson, a grateful son

“Golden Moments is a Jewel. David speaks very proudly of his time spent with staff and residents. It’s his home away from home. A happy place with friends doing things together. The energy and smiles that I even get is a great feeling for me as well. I appreciate the workable hours and for quite a long time now, both David and I feel fortunate to have found the one place that gives him friendship, dignity, happiness and a personal and outside connection to others who are just as interested in us as we are of them. As long as David’s illness will allow, Golden Moments will be a regular experience in our lives. As our relationship grows over the weeks and months, so does our appreciation and thankfulness of understanding, kindness and care. Thank you.” ~ Camella, wife

“Helen’s experiences with Golden Moments have been wonderful! Your care and consideration of her moods have been very helpful, and your feed-back to me is very good. Thank all for their help.” ~ Ed Daniels, husband

“Several of the clients in our educational workshops for dementia caregivers also access the services of Golden Moments, for their loved ones.  My clients consistently report that the Golden Moments program is a life-saver — for the socialization and enrichment it offers their loved ones and also for the respite times it affords the caregivers.  People living with dementia arrive home full of enthusiastic chatter! When I observed the program in action, what impressed me most was the individual encouragement and attention paid to each participant, and the amount of FUN in the room!  The place felt homey and loving.” ~ Eleanor Wakin, Director / The Dementia Initiative

“Golden Moments is a rare, one of a kind place for elder daycare. The first time I entered this space it was bright, and cheerful, and I was so moved by the quality of care, and genuine concern the staff had for the elders. They do so many different things with them while still attending to them all personally. As I get to share time with the elders, I truly feel they give me a gift every time. Thank you Golden Moments for presenting a new kind of facility for our loved ones.” ~ Brenda Gendron, LPN

“Golden Moments is wonderful! My wife is so happy there – the staff is caring and warm and very affectionate. She always is hugged as soon as she walks in … and it is obvious that the hugs and warmth are sincere. She feels that she has a family at Golden Moments, and so do I. I deeply respect the commitment of the staff and the leadership clearly puts people above profits. This is a wonderful place and a beautiful model for how I wish our world would be. ” ~ Akasha Ames, husband

“Again, I thank you all for being the Angels that you are, for all your help, your compassion and your guidance through this most difficult transition. Without you, I am not sure how we would have made it this far. Please know how very much we appreciate all that you have done for not only my Mom, but for our family. Without you and your program, surely it would have been impossible to keep her at home with us. Thank you.~Cindy Majewski, daughter & the Fleming Family

“Mom has made a good friend at Golden Moments, and that has given her more joy and liveliness in her weeks.” ~ Alex, Daughter