Hello Greater Northampton area!!
Welcome to Golden Moments Blog! ​As I sit in my home office, watching the snow fall from our very first major snow storm, listening to Holiday music and sipping my coffee…..it INSPIRES ME! 2020 has left many of us feeling defeated and isolated. For many, its been a time of fear, sadness, loss and loneliness. Now that HOPE is on the way, I wish to see this as a time of introspection, a time of DREAMING! This has been a time when everything was FORCED to come to a hault. A time to sit with ourselves and wonder, ponder, DREAM….”what if?????
When I have the time to sit with my thoughts, I create. Its how Golden Moments was formed! I call in my guides and angels….and I ask for guidance. “What does this community need? What do the elders of my circle need? What can I do to help families?” 
Many of you know that in order to comply with Governor Bakers guidelines, we had to cut our clientele in 1/2. This broke my heart, but it was the only way to “survive” during these hard time. As we welcome in 2021, I am VERY OPTIMISTIC that we will be at full capacity by April 2021!! (9 year Anniversary) In saying that, I am already considering how Golden Moments (GM)can be even BETTER! Meet the needs of the community like no other! Golden Moments was created out of love…..and anyone that walks thru its doors can feel it and sense it. That love burns even brighter as we come out of a “dark, difficult time.”
If all goes as I planned, GM will offer new programs to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Daily gratitude meditations, more pampering (nail care and chair massages) more music programs, and A MEN’S CLUB!
Out of the darkness, comes LIGHT! A new start! To the families that have stuck with us during this time, THANK YOU for trusting us. To the families who have been forced to keep their loved ones home…..WE WILL BE BACK! Brighter and better than ever before! The community needs this program to thrive…to help keep  our elders stimulated, moving, laughing, singing, DREAMING! To give them what they deserve in their most fragile years of their lives. We don’t underestimate or take for granted the monumental responsibility we have been handed. My staff considers your loved, their extended family.
Bring it on 2021! We are ready!
All my love